Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What happens when your on ur period and u go swimming w/out wearing a tampon?

Does the blood come out or what?
well during periods when u do go for swimming the bleeding stops for the duration of time your body is in contact with the water. If you did notice that when u do take a shower that you stop bleedin. So i would suggest you to wear a tampon to be on the safe side.

But i have personally experienced that while swimming the bleedin stops...wonders of a woman body

take care
If you're menstruating, the blood will flow in or out of the water, so wear a tampon.
it might come out a little on your bathing suit...or if you are REALLY heavy..it might come out...Before I used to wear them...i would swim and nothing came out...but now i wear one.better to be safe than sorry
Yes it still comes out. And then everyone in the pool has to swim through it. You may want to sit out until your period is done or use a tampon.
yes. granted it might seem slower but just because you jump in water doesnt mean it stops. it just diffuses into the water. it is gross and unsanitary to other swimmers
it doesnt really come out much in the pool but,when you step out-gush! I would not do it-no way!
Yes, it will come out just like when you're standing around with no tampon during a regular activity..if you do wanna swim while on your period itis best that you wear a tampon...no mess.
The blood may or may not leak out into the pool. Sometimes water stops your period from the presure on your body. But I would not be a good idea to not wear a tampon. Don't wear pads in the water because they will expand from water and mostly float out of your swim bottoms. Good luck!
It won't usually come out (possibly a couple drops in your bathing suit) because of the pressure in the water but if you won't be in the water for the entire time (exe if the pool is not at your house, you can't immediately change after swimming, or you want to sit on a deck and tan) wear a tampon or don't swim.
When you are fully submerged in water your period stops. But when you get in and out your period will start flowing again all over your bathing suit. Use a tampon!
You risk bleeding all over the place. Wear a tampon or don't go in the pool.
The same thing that happens when you have your period and sit a bath tub full of water without a tampon. Your body naturally shuts the majority of the water out so it also naturally holds most of your flow in. Unless your flex your PC muscles or have a very heavy flow, while in the water, very little will come out of you. As soon as you get out of the water though it will resume and you will likely have blood in your bathing suit, mixed with the water it may run down your leg. Best bet is to just wear a tampon to avoid the possibly mess altogether.
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