Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What happens when a girl shaves her mustache, that didnt really need too? Does it grow back dark and thick?

If there is no need to shave,don't! The more you shave the thicker it will grow,which is not a very good situation for a girl.If you keep on doing it you will then need cosmetic products to hide the shadow.
It can grow back darker. My friend - who is trans gender, wants to look more like a man and shaves her facial hair all the time and it really does grow back thicker and darker. Just wax if you don't want it, unless you do, then keep it up, you'll get dark hair in a matter of months! Waxing though can thin your hair out cause you're pulling from the roots every time.
thats probably the WORST mistake a girl can do to her face, if she shaves she might have bumpy skin, and it WILL go back as much and THICKER darker.

and it might have little black hairs sticking out and it would probably look look a man...but probably not..

and the girl needs to wax it about every two weeks (or one week) from the hair from coming back, cause it would just be coming back.
wax it. it doesn't grow back as fast and not dark. also, that is a cheap way to do it. if you are looking for life time results, get the hair removed for good.
If you shave your facial hair, it grows back darker, thicker and faster. If you want to remove facial hair I suggest waxing or bleaching it instead =]

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