Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What happens if you dont..?

What happens if you don't douche? Is it something that you supposed to do or is it just an option? Is it true that you can douche with vinegar? Do you actually need the equipment, or can you just poor a cup or vinegar and water down there?
You're not supposed to douche. The vagina is a self cleaning organ. Douching messes up the PH balance. Of course if you feel you must, go buy a kit from the drugstore.
its an option, douche after you get over an infection, other than that, there is no real need, it can screw up the natural ph if you do it too much.
Douching is an option and it's not a neccesity unless your really nasty. Your body naturally cleans itself that is why you have discharge occasionally.
I heard it's bad because not only does it get rid of the bad bacteria, it gets rid of the good bacteria. As long as you shower regularly I don't think you'll have problems down there. I've never heard about vinegar. Sounds like it would burn. Next time you go for your yearly gyno exam, bring a bunch of questions for her. She'll be your best bet at knowing the answer.
Don't douche! It messes up the pH balance of the vagina and increases your risk of infection, as well as other diseases. Just keep clean, and your vagina will do what it's supposed to!
one doesn't need to douche all the time and pouring a cup of vinegar and water isn't the solution =check out the drug store and ask a female clerk for any good suggestions =good luck
it is your choice but you who will be with the consequences in the end.
Douching is actually not safe for you at all. The best way to keep clean down there is to wash in the shower or tub and use a gentle feminine wash.

When you douche, you are actually pushing dirt and bacteria up into your vagina, and it can cause infections. A lot of places won't even sell douches anymore for this very reason.
I don't believe in douching, never have. It disrupts the pH of your vagina and can cause yeast infections. There's really no good reason for it either, your body does a much more efficient job of keeping itself clean. Just make sure to keep the outside parts clean and you'll be fine.
douching isnt good for you...it creates ph/acid imbalance in your vagina.a vagina is a self cleaning organ..thats the reason one constantly has discharge..it is expelling and cleaning itself.if you douche,its probably best to use a vinegar/water douche because its best for the ph/acid balance in your vagina..buy it from the store though so you have the correct vinegar to water ratio...otherwise your vagina will smell like salt%26vinegar chips..my uncles ex gf made her own vinegar/water douche and he said she smelled like vinegar,to this day he cant eat salt%26vinegar chips and they were his favorite...
dont use one of those stupid scented ones...guys think they are gross...who wants to be near a vagina that smells like a bottle of cheap perfume?lol...

why did i get a low rating?
Douching can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease (pid). I don't recommend doing it regularly. But sometimes if still don't feel fresh after your period has ended, then it's Ok. But limit it to only once in awhile if you must.

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